Quality, consistency and customization to support your tax function.
Your business will only achieve its true potential if you build it on strong foundations and grow it in a sustainable way.
At John Zammit & Associates, we believe that managing your tax obligations responsibly and proactively can make a critical difference. Our global teams of talented people bring you technical knowledge, business experience and consistent methodologies, all built on our unwavering commitment to quality service — wherever you are and whatever tax services you need.

Effective compliance and open, transparent reporting are the foundations of a successful tax function. Tax strategies that align with the needs of your business and recognize the potential of change are crucial to sustainable growth. So we create highly networked teams who can advise on planning, compliance and reporting and maintain effective tax authority relationships — wherever you operate.

business tax services

Our Business Tax services are designed to meet your business tax compliance and advisory needs.

Wherever you need resources, we can be with you. Our holistic approach:
  • Builds sustainable tax strategies based on technical knowledge, combined with practical, commercial and industry knowledge
  • Provides the deep accounting and compliance knowledge and tried-and-tested methodologies you need for efficient reporting
  • Helps you assess, improve and monitor your tax function’s processes, controls and risk management
  • Supports you in managing your relationships with tax authorities effectively

human capital

In today’s market, people make the difference between success and failure. As your organization grows, getting the right people in the right place when you need them is what gives you competitive advantage.

Our performance and reward professionals help you design compensation programs and equity incentives that really engage your key people. We help you meet your executive tax compliance obligations, stay on top of regulatory change, manage your global talent effectively and improve your function’s strategic alignment.
Let us help your organization achieve its potential by turning complexity into competitive advantage.

indirect tax

Indirect taxes, ranging from VAT and customs duties to environmental levies, affect the supply chain and the financial system. They pose unique challenges to multi-national tax functions, since they must be managed accurately and in real time. These often invisible taxes can have significant impacts — on cash flow, absolute costs and risk exposures.
Thanks to our network of dedicated indirect tax professionals, who share knowledge and ideas, we can provide a seamless, consistent service.These include advising on the VAT treatment of new and complex transactions and supplies and helping resolve classification or other disputes and issues with the authorities.

We provide assistance in identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes throughout the tax life cycle. We provide you with effective processes to help improve your day-to-day reporting for indirect tax, reducing attribution errors, reducing costs and ensuring indirect taxes are handled correctly.

We can support full or partial VAT compliance outsourcing, identify the right partial exemption method and review accounting systems.