business advisory services

Businesses must manage a number of diverse pressures to maintain their competitive advantage, from reducing and controlling operating costs to managing complex customer relationships. John Zammit & Associates’s business advisory services team is designed to help you address these pressing commercial issues. We can assist you to meet the many challenges ahead, from reviewing your strategy and transforming your finance function to improving your procurement processes and reducing your inventory.

business risk services

We can help you achieve your business objectives by delivering a wide range of services that help enhance risk management activities and improve business processes. Today's organizations need a comprehensive approach to risk management and controls that identifies and mitigates risk and improves overall business performance. At its most effective, risk management and internal control are embedded within existing functions and processes and aligned across the organization. There is a growing recognition among leading organizations that there are significant opportunities to improve risk coverage, business operations, and competitive advantage through better alignment among the various risk functions.
Our Business Risk Services offer strategic and operational services that help companies evaluate and enhance their risk and control functions.

crisis managment

In today's environment, businesses need to effectively manage critical events that have the potential to cause significant business interruption. Whether you are an executive or owner of an organization that is experiencing a business crisis, or an adviser or lender to one, we can help you respond to and control the situation.

Business Recovery Services
A tough economic climate, rapid market changes, new competitors, disruptive technologies, strategic errors - any or all of these can plunge a company into serious financial distress. Left unaddressed, they may threaten corporate survival. Whether these factors occur in isolation or converge, they typically trigger a host of problems, including underperformance, declining earnings, and liquidity and cash-flow blockages. Companies often exhibit symptoms of distress well before a crisis erupts. In many cases, a downward spiral is not inevitable. It can be arrested and reversed. Early detection and swift, decisive action are the keys to restoring performance and value. That's why timely, expert advice is critical. John Zammit & Associates’s business recovery specialists are trained to rapidly identify problem areas, gain cooperation and consensus, resolve issues quickly and efficiently, and implement solutions with sensitivity and precision.John Zammit & Associates’s experienced teams offer a full range of recovery services, from turnaround and restructuring plans to exit strategies.

technology and security risk services

Today, the health and viability of most businesses is heavily dependent on the strength and security of their information technology (IT) infrastructure. As a result, IT has become a high-priority issue in executive suites and corporate boardrooms, driving top management to provide proactive sponsorship for efforts that will ensure adequate IT security and availability. And create an operating environment that effectively manages — and mitigates — risks.

We can help you focus on fundamental as well as emerging IT issues as you develop and execute plans to respond to stakeholder expectations. Our services are based on insights into how leading organizations prioritize their efforts to ensure that IT investments provide maximum security and risk mitigation in the most cost effective manner.